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For this months lesson I would like to discuss symmetrical scales.  symmetrical scales have been used in jazz, rock and fusion.  It is like adding spice to your playing!   Musicians like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Synyster Gates use these scales to create their signature styles.  I will divide this lesson into sections.  The first thing one must know is the intervals each scale is constructed from, and how the intervals divide the scale into equal parts of an octave.  This type of scale can therefore be built off any note of the scale itself, and any note of the scale can be the root.  Practice makes perfect! Peace, Ken

divide octave into two parts: 

              C                                                                            Eb                                                                             C
               ---------------- Tritone ------------------------------        ------------------Tritone -------------------------------

divide octave into three parts:

             C                                                E                                                   G#                                                   C
              ----------- Major 3rd-------------   -----------Major 3rd--------------    -----------Major 3rd-----------------

divide octave into four parts:

           C                                        Eb                                        Gb                                       A                               C
            ---------Minor 3rd----------   ---------Minor 3rd----------   ---------Minor 3rd---------   ---------Minor 3rd----

Divide octave into six parts:

         C                         D                          E                           F#                        G#                        A#                        C
          ---Minor 2nd---- ---Minor 2nd----  -----Minor 2nd---  ----Minor 2nd--- ---Minor 2nd---- -----Minor 2nd----

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